About us

Our owner, Joannie Ham, is a Floral and Event Artisan. She has been creating special memories for Weddings, Large Corporate Events, Inaugurations, and Private Parties for 26 years. Her Floral Designs range from traditional and classic style to edgy and eclectic “one of a kind” Floral Art.

Joannie’s philosophy is to work closely with our client and host to best represent the culture and vision they have for the event experience they are creating.

La Mesa Floral Designs Shoppe was created to offer Florals and Gifts that embody the artisan approach and to engender this creative spirit within our customers that visit with us.

So much more than a florist

La Mesa Floral Design Shoppe is more than just your neighborhood florist. We are the intersection of creativity and community. In addition to our floral arrangements, we offer floral event design and Floral Foundry workshops at our quaint and comfortable shoppe.